From a small book of poetry in the early 1990’s, we have since published RPGs, games, in-house publications for other companies, and now have a small but expanding fiction line.

Our paperbacks are distributed by Central Books and are available across the UK. ISBNs are registered in the UK. After a recent expansion into ebooks, titles can be found on Amazon and many other online distributors.

Principia Malefex – the horror roleplay game that was popular in the early 90’s.


Our fiction line was launched in 2010, as a new area for the company, building on its experiences in publishing.

VH Folland – the British adventure author joined the Ragged Angel stable in June 2010. These books are available in ebook and paperback.

Killgrace Series – After reclaiming the rights to the never-published stories from their original 2001 publisher, their author brought the backlist of the hard sci-fi series to us. We are now releasing the backlist and several newly commissioned stories, like Singular, as ebook.

History series – We provide the formatting and support for the history ebooks by Ciamar Price on Smashwords.